50 bln digital photos taken in 2007, 60 bln by 2011

The average digital camera price is projected to slip from $298 in 2006 to $191 in 2011 in North America, InfoTrends says. In the compact camera segment, average prices are projected to drop from $262 in 2006 to $163 in 2011. Digital SLR (single-lens reflex) cameras, which offer higher performance and interchangeable lenses but are bulkier and costlier, are projected to drop from $966 to $507 over the same period. People are taking a lot of photos, up from about 50 bln a year in 2007 to about 60 bln in 2011. 2006 was the year the bulk of the digital camera market switched over from first-time buyers to repeat buyers. In 2007, 73% were repeat buyers, and in 2011, it should be 97%.