49% of HDTV owners do not take full advantage of HDTV

28% of HDTV owners reported to Scientific Atlanta that they did not get any special equipment from their service provider to watch HDTV channels because the picture quality was already improved with the purchase of an HDTV. 23% of HDTV owners did not invest in special equipment to watch HDTV channels because a message at the beginning of the programs they watch tells them that those programs are being broadcast in HD. 18% reported that they believed the HD television would give them high-definition channels without additional equipment. 35% of HDTV owners learned that they need to get an HD content/service package to view HDTV programming from their cable operator. With more than 26% of HDTV owners without HD service actively planning to subscribe to HD service in the next six months, and 28% researching options, cable companies have a great opportunity to tap into an impressionable consumer audience through concentrated marketing and consumer education tactics.