49% of Canadian read newspapers ads to find the best gift

49% of Canadians say they look through newspaper advertisements in order to find that perfect gift for that special occasion. Those Canadians in Saskatchewan/Manitoba (58%) are most likely to do this, followed by those who reside in Alberta/Ontario (51%), and Atlantic Canada/British Columbia (49%) and Québec (45%), according to Ipsos Reid. Women (52%) are slightly more likely than men (46%) to indicate that they do this. As for age composition, those who are 35-54 (51%) and those 55+ (52%) are most likely to take this perspective, followed by those who are aged 18-34 (45%). Those with children in the household (55%) are more likely than those without (48%) to have this point of view. Those with less than high school education (53%), those with postsecondary education (52%) and those with a high school education (51%) tend to share similar views on this practice, compared with those who are university-educated (37%) who are less likely to do so. As for income, there really isn’t much difference: those earning less than $30,000 household annual income (52%) are almost equally as likely as those earning $30,000-$60,000 (50%) and those earning in excess of $60,000 per year (48%) to take this perspective.