49% of Americans would sign up for VOIP for cheap international calls

Among those adults who do not use Internet telephony, 56% in Britain and 49% in the United States say they are at least somewhat interested in it. Despite this interest, it’s worth noting that only small percentages (11% in Britain and 9% in the United States) say they are ‘very’ interested in the possibility of making telephone calls via an Internet connection, and 265 of those who do not currently use VoIP but are interested in it (in both Great Britain and the United States) say they will be likely to consider or buy VoIP in the next 12 months or sooner. Among adults in both Great Britain and the United States who do not use Internet telephony, but are interested in it, substantial numbers say free calls between users of the same provider (53% of British adults and 43% of US adults) and cheap local/national telephone calls (44% of British adults and 49% of US adults) would appeal to them if they were to consider making calls via an Internet connection. Those in Great Britain are more likely than those in the United States to find cheaper rates for calling mobile/cell phones (56% vs. 19%) and for international calls (30% vs. 21%) appealing. Those in the United States are more likely than their British counterparts to find a caller ID feature appealing (51% vs. 32%), Harris Interactive found.