4.8% of visitors to real estate sites visit a bank site right after

According to Hitwise, consumer Internet searches for the terms “real estate bubble” and “housing bubble” reached a 12-month high the week ending May 28, 2005. Visits to real estate sites increased into the spring and early summer of 2005, grew an average of 3% each week. Internet users with household income between $60,000 and $149,999 are 9% more likely to have visited a real estate site. Online users with household income less than $30,000 are 14% less likely to visit a real estate site. Users with household income greater that $150,000 are 8% less likely.

25.0% of visits to real-estate sites originate directly from other real-estate sites, 22.1% from search engines, 8.1% from Web e-mail services, 6.3% from portal home pages. 32.2% of visitors will depart directly to another real-estate site, 5.5% to a search engine, 4.8% to an online bank or financial institution, 4.9% will go to a portal home page.