46% of holiday shoppers got their ideas from window shopping

Targetbase’s holiday retail survey found that when it comes to ideas for holiday gift buyers, more traditional sources like window shopping (46%) and catalogs (45%) still beat Web sites (32%), online advertisements (15%) and emails (14%). Going directly to the source (i.e., asking recipients what they would like) still ranked as the best idea of all (67%) for most holiday shoppers. 72% of respondents said they would purchase at least one gift online 2006 and 24% of those said they would spend more money online 2006 than 2005. The start of the holiday season now comes sooner ? 42% of consumers stated that in early November, they had already started purchasing holiday gifts; and 4% had already finished. The end of the holiday shopping season goes right up to the wire ? 27% of consumers said they won’t finish their holiday shopping until late December; 42% said they have, at least once, finished their shopping on Christmas Eve. A good holiday shopping experience is directly correlated with speed – A majority of consumers (66%) indicated that a pleasant shopping experience is impacted greatly by finding a gift quickly.