44.2% of mobile users interested in in-flight wireless data services

Subscriber interest in world phones and in-flight wireless voice and data services is strong, according to a survey by In-Stat. That’s good news for the wireless industry, which is looking to these areas for additional growth over the next few years. World phones are somewhat established, but in-flight wireless services are just getting underway.

In-flight WLAN services were launched in 2004 on Lufthansa, and the roster of airlines offering such services is expected to grow quickly over the next few years. 44.2% of In-Stat’s survey participants were interested in in-flight wireless services, with about half of them willing to pay a premium price. World phones have become increasingly common, especially among GSM subscribers. Combination CDMA/GSM world phones are a newer phenomenon, but the market is beginning to grow more rapidly. Among professional groups, Sales/Marketing and Consulting/Research professionals were the most interested in world phones.