44% of federal workers have an option to telework

44% of federal employees indicate that they have the option to telework ? up 6% from 2006 ? while just 15% of private-sector employee respondents have that option. During the past year, telework growth in the Federal government also outpaced the private sector: 35% of Federal teleworkers started teleworking, compared to 10% of private-sector teleworkers. Federal IT departments also are stepping up support for teleworkers. 42% of responding Federal IT professionals report that their agency started or expanded its telework program in the 2006, and that 62% of Federal agencies now have written IT policies for telework in place compared to 46% 2006. Support for private-sector teleworkers lags well behind, with just 25% of private-sector IT professional respondents indicating a new or expanded program in the 2006, and that just 40% of private-sector organizations currently have written telework policies in place., CDW says.