43.8% of US consumers reported cutting down spending on vacations

In September 2005 27.9% of consumers surveyed by BIG Consumer Relations were worrying about political and national security issues, up from 17.0% in August 2005 and a new high for 2005. Purchases focused on needs over wants has skyrocketed to 61.1% in September. 19.7% of respondents say fluctuating gas prices have had no major impact on spending. 60.2% say they are simply driving less. 43.8% are decreasing vacation/travel. 42.6% are cutting back on dining out. 33.6% are spending less on clothing. 41.7% of respondents plan “pay down debt,” up from 36.3% in August 2005. The goal to “decrease overall spending” is #2 with 40.2%.