43% of online shoppers look for low prices, 18% for free shipping

43% of respondents to Synovate of Chicago for Guidance survey said price is the most important factor when shopping online, while 18% named free shipping. When the same respondents were asked to select their second most important factor ? 41% chose free shipping, and 24% cited price. Only 4% of respondents said that speed/efficiency of checkout was the most important factor ? perhaps surprising, given the recent experience of some large online retailers, which experienced sluggish transaction times and website outages. When the same survey respondents were asked to rank the second most important factor when making a purchase online, 41% named free shipping, 24% cited price, 14.5% chose special promotions or coupons, 10% favored features, 8% said speed/efficiency of checkout, and 3.5% said in-store pickup/returns. Nearly 19% of the total sample said they don’t make purchases online (22% of men, 16% of women).