42% of US online shoppers use comparison engines

71% of shoppers browse multiple online stores prior to completing a purchase. 42% shoppers price shop a product via comparison engines. 48% of the online shoppers surveyed described their loyalty to merchants across channels (store, Web, catalog) as somewhat loyal to certain merchants based on a combination of good value, superior service and the right mix of product. 70% of respondents surveyed belong to a frequent buyer/loyalty program. 53% ranked discounts or exclusive offers for members as the most important feature of Frequent Buyer/Loyalty Programs, DoubleClick Permormics survey says.

When deciding to go back to a Web site, online order tracking was rated as very important by 56% of those surveyed. Poor service ranked most likely to deter shoppers from becoming loyal to a Web site by 41% of respondents. Rewards’ customers (those belonging to 2+ programs) are less apt to be focused on price, utilizing more features and tools to enhance their multi-channel shopping experiences. At least half of the shoppers surveyed indicated purchasing clothing, books, music, computer-ware and toys online. Free shipping continues to be the most important enticement to drive customers back to sites.