40% of US employees completely satisfied with their jobs

More than 40% of employees report they are very satisfied with their jobs, according to the 2008 Job Satisfaction survey. 80% of employees report overall satisfaction. The%age of very satisfied employees rose from 38% in 2007 to 41% 2008. The figure has remained relatively consistent since SHRM first conducted this survey in 2002, with 30% responding very satisfied. The overall satisfaction score – 82% 2008 – was 79% 2007, and 77% in 2002. In 2008’s survey, female employees reported higher levels of job satisfaction than men, as did employees aged 56 and older, compared with those 35 and younger. 2008’s unstable economic climate is reflected in employees’ perceptions of job security (59%), where it was cited as the top aspect of satisfaction. Ranked in importance, it was followed by benefits, compensation, feeling safe in the workplace, communication between employees and senior management, and opportunities to use skills and abilities.