40% of Americans prefer to get a government document online

40% of Americans would prefer to get a government document or publication from the internet, compared with 31% who would prefer it be sent via the mail, according to the Pew Internet Project. 19% would prefer to collect the document from a government office and 6% say they would go to the local public library. 15% of low-access users prefer to get documents from the internet, while 46% would like the document by mail, 25% from the government office, and 8% at the library. Americans seem to choose their methods for contacting the government on a case-bycase. 57% of adults will use the telephone, while only 17% will use the internet. In exploring government benefits for yourself or someone else, only 26% use the telephone and 46% use the internet. For getting a license or permit for a car, 13% use the telephone, 31% use the internet, and. 53% choose some other way, probably because such transactions involved often require in-person appearances, often with documentation.