4% of Americans discussed cell phones in an online forum or community

4% discussed the cell phone in an online forum or community. In terms of sharing general opinions about a new cell phone, 60% people say they have talked about a new device with friends, family, or co-workers, according to the Pew Internet Project. The internet, however, does not play a large role in after-purchase chatter or inquiry: 11% of internet users in the cell phone module looked online for information on how to use the phone; 7% looked online for others’ experiences with the same phone; 4% posted a rating or review of the cell phone on a website or blog. 13% of internet users who got a new cell phone in 2007 did at least one of the three after-purchase online chatter activities. When including post-purchase online activity relating to troubleshooting (i.e., going online for help or consulting an online forum), some 19% of internet users who bought a phone in the prior year turned to the internet after their purchase regarding something relating to it.