39.1 mln Seagate drives shipped in Q3 2006

Seagate in Q3 2006 shipped 39.1 mln HDDs, up from 33.6 mln in Q2 2006. The company’s unit market share rose slightly to 34.3%, up from 34.1% in Q2 2006. The company retained its lead in the largest segment of the HDD market: desktop PCs, an area that encompasses not only traditional desktop computers, but also entry-level servers and enterprise backup systems. Consisting mostly of 3.5-inch drives, the desktop segment’s high volumes represent the bread and butter business of major HDD suppliers like Seagate. Seagate also continued to dominate the key enterprise HDD segment with a 58.4% share of unit shipments. The next closest competitor in this segment, Fujitsu Ltd., took a 25.9% share of unit shipments, iSuppli says.