375 mln Internet users in Asia

Asia claims the world’s largest regional Internet market. With an estimated 375 mln Internet users (a user penetration of 11%) by end of 2004, Asia was maintaining its lead over Europe (292 mln) and North America (227 mln). Internet application in Asia continues to be led by the developed economies of the region – Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan. This group has been joined by China. With a penetration of 8.5%, China had a massive 111 mln Internet users at end-2005. In the area of broadband Internet access, South Korea has continued to be a world and regional leader with 70% of households having a broadband connection by end-2005. The two major technologies supporting broadband in Asia were Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) and cable modem. By March 2006, there were 153 mln DSL subscribers and 76 mln cable modem subscribers across the region, Research and Markets says.