37% of SOHO customers don’t buy IAS, since separate voice and data services present a good value

In-Stat asked 509 SOHO and small business market decision-makers that did not use Integrated Access Services (IAS) at the time of the study their primary reasons for not doing so. With up to three responses allowed, the majority of respondents (37%) indicated that IAS Doesn’t seem to be a better value than the separate voice and data services used today. Interestingly, this was the response most commonly given by decision-makers from larger businesses as well. This suggests that there is still a great deal of work to be done to educate customers on the relative benefits of IAS, vs “separated” access, and why a business may want to take advantage of such services now. Additionally, many of the businesses in this market do not have the need nor the budget for the cutting-edge solutions that their larger business counterparts often require, with I don’t want to purchase any new equipment as the second most commonly cited response, at 19%. I’m not aware of any such services and Don’t want to rely on a single provider for both voice and data also had response rates of 19% and 18%, respectively. Clearly, there is still room for development, and thus, growth in this market as it relates to IAS.