35.5% of Web users spent 3+ hours a day online

35.5% of all web users 18 years and older are spending three or more hours per day on the Internet, and four out of every ten 18-34 year olds exceeding three hours daily. Interestingly, among web surfers 18 years and older an average of 15 minutes of every online hour is done from the workplace. Men are more likely than women (32.8% vs. 28.4%) to use work as the primary location. The survey also found that higher income households are more likely to say that work is the primary location from where they access the Internet. Respondents indicate that surfing while on the job is often not work related, with 26.2% of online time at work spent on personal activities. Men spend more online time at work on personal tasks than women (28.0% vs. 24.2%); and the youngest age segment, 18-24 years old, spend 34.4% of online time at work surfing for personal reasons. When asked why they surf the web at work for personal use, respondents most frequently cited the need to stay informed during the day (33.8%). Other reasons were boredom (20.5%), staying in contact with family and friends (18.5%) and convenience (i.e. faster Web connection than home, more accessible computer, convenient time to conduct online services), Burst Media says.