34.8 mln mobile phones sold in the US in Q1 2006

According to The NPD Group, mobile phone sales to consumers in the US reached 34.8 mln units in Q1 2006. This number represents an increase of more than 11% compared to Q1 2005. NPD estimates total Q1 2006 consumer sales of nearly $2.3 bln. Motorola continued its leadership in the US market during Q1 2006, boosting its share sequentially from 27% to 29% as it continued to ride the success of its popular RAZR models. Nokia and Samsung followed with 18% with LG at 15%.

In the GSM market, Motorola led the pack with a 39% share of the market, followed by Nokia with 24% and Samsung with 16%. In Q1 2006, LG was the leader in CDMA handsets with a 31% market share, Samsung reached 20% and Motorola in third place at 13%. Among the most popular mobile phone features, sales of Bluetooth-enabled devices have increased significantly in the 2004. The number of handsets sold equipped with this short-range wireless technology have risen dramatically from 9% in the Q2 2005 to 18% in Q1 2005.

Mobile phone sales in Q1 2006
Motorola 29%
Nokia 18%
Samsung 18%
LG 15%
Kyocera 4%
Sanyo 3%
Sony Ericsson 3%
RIM >1%
Palm >1%
Source: NPD