347 mln cable TV subscribers worldwide, only 50 mln have cable modems

With the number of analog cable TV subscriber households either flat or declining in many developed countries, the cable TV industry’s future depends more and more on cable modem service and digital video services, reports In-Stat. There are currently 44 mln digital cable TV households around the world, and it further projects that the total number of worldwide digital cable TV subscribers will rise to over 108 mln by the end of 2009. Worldwide cable modem subscribers are projected to reach 50 mln at the end of 2005, and rise to 99 mln by 2009.

There are currently 347 mln worldwide cable TV subscriber households. Three countries, China, India, and the United States, account for 60% of worldwide cable TV households. Growth in US cable TV subscriber households will be modest over the next few years. US cable TV subscriber households are projected to rise from 69 mln at the end of 2005 to 72 mln in 2009. However, cable TV subscriber growth is projected to be significant in both China and in the Asia-Pacific region. North America accounts for 55% of all worldwide cable modem subscribers. The Asia-Pacific region is the next largest region with 24% of worldwide cable modem subscribers. Cable modem services are becoming a “cash cow” for cable TV operators. Worldwide revenues grew to $19 bln in revenues in 2004, and are projected to reach $22 bln 2005.