34% of Web ads belong to search ads, and 3% of search ads are paid by eBay

Nielsen//NetRatings reported that search sponsored links, led by eBay, Shopping.com Inc. and InterActiveCorp, comprised 34%, or nearly 13 bln, of online advertising impressions. eBay ranked #1 in sponsored links placements, which featured more than 15,000 companies, during the week ending August 21, 2005. EBay placed nearly 400 mln sponsored link impressions, equating to 3% of total placements that week. Shopping.com ranked #2, placing 138 mln sponsored link impressions to garner more than 1% of total sponsored links. InterActiveCorp, MyCashNow.com and Yahoo! rounded out the top five companies, each comprising less than 1% of sponsored link impressions for the week.