33% of internet non-users are not interested in the internet

73% of American adults as internet users, meaning 27% of adults in the United States do not use the internet. Age and income are two factors that stand out when looking at non-internet users. 43% of non-internet users are over the age of 65 or, put differently, 65% of senior citizens do not use the internet. 43% of non-internet users have household incomes under $30,000 per year. 33% of non-internet users say they are simply not interested in the internet, with another 12% saying they don’t have access. Some 9% of non-users say the internet is too difficult or frustrating for them and just 7% say it is too expensive, according to the Pew Internet Project. Some 21% of non-users say that someone in their household uses the internet at home. 20% of non-users at one time user the internet; 18% of nonusers said they had been in the past, and 10% of non-users said they would be interested in using the internet again.