33 mln mobile phones sold in the US in Q2 2007

According to The NPD Group, mobile phone sales to consumers in the US reached 33 mln units in Q2 2007. This number represents a decline of nearly 17% compared to unit sales during Q1 2007; however, Q2 is traditionally a slow sales quarter for mobile phone retailers. NPD estimates total Q2 2007 consumer sales of $2.4 bln, which is a 14% increase since Q2 2006. Carrier stores continue to dominate handset sales with 62% of sales, followed by mass merchandisers and department stores at 9% and electronics specialty stores at 5%. Among phones purchased by consumers in the US in Q2, 28% were free due to special rebates and promotions, while another 28% cost less than $50. Just 11% of phones purchased in Q2 cost more than $150 and 4% cost more than $250. Motorola led the market with 32%, followed by Samsung with 18%, LG with 17%, Nokia with 10% and Sanyo with 4%.