32% of online consumers prefer electronic statements and bills

Javelin Strategy & Research says that 32% of consumers are motivated to use non-paper bills and statements for permanent account records in 2005, more so than in 2003 (22%) or 2004 (24%). In 2004, just 11% stated that they would turn off paper to help protect themselves against identity theft (through more frequent account monitoring). This number jumped to 25% in 2005, as consumers began to recognize that paper statements and bills are a major source of identity theft and identity fraud. 36% of consumers overall and fully 55% of affluent consumers (those with annual household income over $150,000) indicated that they want better methods for printing, storing, and retrieving bills and statements before eliminating paper copies. More than half of consumers in 2005 indicate that they have viewed either a bank statement (56%) or a credit card statement (54%) online.