32% of moms would like to receive an electronic gift this holiday

32% of moms would like to receive a consumer electronics device this Mother’s Day and 55% of moms would choose a digital camera over a $200 gift certificate for a home cleaning service. 81% of adult consumers and 97% of teens plan to buy a gift for someone this May holiday. For all gift categories, the average adult plans to spend $109 and teens plan to spend $63. This equates to nearly $20 bln potential spending 2005 across all categories of Mother’s Day giving. Traditional Mother’s Day gifts, such as flowers and perfume, still dominate the list of what both teens and adults intend to buy, but when consumers are specifically asked about their intent to buy CE products, the percentage of adults and teens planning to buy such devices more than doubles, from 12 to 26% for adults and 16 to 51% for teens, Consumer Electronics Association says.