30.1% of Washington DC Web users read WashingtonPost.com

Nielsen//NetRatings claims online readers in 9 out of the top 10 local markets were loyal to the city’s top newspaper Web site in July 2005. On average, the top local newspaper Web sites reached 19.5% of a city’s active Internet audience across the top 10 local markets.

WashingtonPost.com reached 30.1% of the DC area Internet users, followed by Boston.com and AJC.com capturing the attention of 28.3% and 26.4% of their local Internet audiences, respectively. NYTimes.com and ChicagoTribune.com rounded out the top five, attracting 21.9% and 21% of the area’s Web surfers, respectively. Philadelphia was the only exception to the trend, where USATODAY.com, a national newspaper site, reached the most online news readers, with 9.6% of the local active Internet audience. Philly.com, the site for Philadelphia Inquirer, was the second top newspaper site viewed, attracting 9.2% of the local audience.