30% of US households have an HDTV

Consumer Electronics Association predicts 16 mln high-definition televisions (HDTV) will sell in 2007 bringing the total number of HDTVs sold in the US to 52.5 mln. 30% of US households now have an HDTV, likely rising to 36% by the end of in 2007. Among these HDTV households, almost a third own more than one high-definition set, proving the booming nature of this market. 66% of owners who receive HD programming get their programming through a cable company. Of the remaining households receiving HD programming, 27% are satellite, 8% are over-the-air, 3% fiber optic service and 3% from the Internet. This profile mirrors the US television reception profile, indicating that HD content is not resulting in a migration to or from any one television-programming provider.