3% of Americans read blogs daily

Only 7% of Americans are very familiar with online blogs, according to the Gallup Poll. 19% are somewhat familiar with blogs, 18% are not too familiar and the remaining 56% of Americans are not familiar at all. The numbers get higher as Gallup Poll separates only those Americans, who have Internet access. 9% of online users are very familiar with blogs, 23% are somewhat familiar and 21% are not too familiar. 47% of online Americans are not familiar with blogs at all.

The percentage of Americans getting their news on a daily basis from the mainstream media is 51% for local television news, 44% for local newspapers, 39% for cable news networks, 36% for the nightly broadcast network news, and 21% for radio talk shows. 3% of Americans say they read Internet blogs every day, and just 2% read politics-focused blogs daily.

Among those who read blogs, 25% are aged 18-29, the largest portion – 47% – are aged 30-49, 22% are 50-64 years old and 6% of the blog readers are 65 years old and older.