3 mln intelligent antenna handsets to ship in 2006

Over 3 mln intelligent antenna handsets are anticipated to ship through 2006, according to Research and Markets. GSM operators in the developing world, the study finds, will apply IA technology selectively within base stations and even broader support for IA is expected from TD-SCDMA operators. Approximately 40,000 mobile base stations are expected to ship with IA capabilities in 2010 due to cellular wireless data demands, which will also drive demand for IA-enabled PTP microwave backhaul. WiFi providers are shipping pre-802.11n product that features multiple-in-multiple out capabilities and the study finds other IA technologies are expected to appear within WiFi gear during 2005. Standardized MIMO devices will follow within 18 months, with the value of shipments of IA equipped WiFi devices exceeding $3 bln in 2010.