28% of Americans have a digital music player

28% of Americans aged 12+ (an estimated 67 mln) now own a digital music player, more than double the 12% figure in 2005. Ownership of digital music players tripled among women from a mere 8% in 2005 to 27% in 2006. Among men, it’s up to 28% from 18%. While young demographics lead in overall use, the biggest growth in the past year came from Gen Xers and younger Boomers – among those 30-49, ownership is now 33% up from a mere 12% a year ago. Apple continues to dominate and has increased its share of all digital music players from 53% to 68% in one year. Creative Labs is a distant number two with 6% of the market. RCA, Samsung and Sony each register a 2-3% share of the market, Solutions Research Group reports.