27% of US corporate employees reached the amount of storage space for their corporate e-mail inbox

According to Fortiva and Harris Interactive, 59% of employed US adults admit to wasting a lot of time searching for lost email, while over 28% acknowledge that the volume of email they receive causes them to fall behind in their work. Email-using employees earning a higher income are more likely to admit to wasting time searching for email than their lower-paid counterparts. Among those who earn $75K or more per year, 65% admit to wasting time looking for email they know they’ve received compared to 47% of those earning less than $35K per year.

27% have also reached or exceeded the amount of storage space allowed for email at work. Those with higher incomes rely more heavily on work email for personal use (66% of those with incomes of $50K and above, compared to 55per cent of those with incomes of $35K to $50K and 49% of those with incomes under $35K), and waste more time searching for emails. US adults who send/receive email at work that earn $75K or more are more likely to save work-related email outside of the company’s network (62%, compared to 51% of those earning $50K to $75K and 41per cent of those with incomes less than $50K).