27% of Japanese mobile consumer use bar code readers

Among the mobile phone features used more often by Japanese consumers than their US counterparts were wireless Web browsing, mobile email, ringtone downloads, PDA functions, graphics and screensaver downloads, mobile gaming, picture messaging, digital music listening, video messaging, and mobile TV and video. 76% of Japanese consumers use their phones for Web browsing, compared to just 12% in the US market, NPD Group revealed. Emerging features currently available in Japan, but less ubiquitous here, also display a strong growth potential for the consumer wireless market in the US These features include the following:

  • Barcode reader (used by 27% of Japanese consumers)
  • GPS (26%)
  • FM radio (22%)
  • Voice recorder (18%)
  • Analog TV tuner (18%)
  • Mobile Commerce and e-money capabilities (16%)