27% of Europeans buy a new cell phone every year

27% of European mobile users replace their cell phones every year, according to Telephia. This rate increases by more than twofold after 24 months, with roughly 60% of Europeans buying new phones by the 2-year mark. New phone purchases take place most often during the end of contracts, with heavy purchase rates occurring during the 12, 24 and 36 month periods. Mobile consumers in Spain and Italy demonstrate a faster rate of cell phone replacement as compared to other European countries; with new phone purchases occurring after 23 months. Wireless users in the UK buy new phones on average after 24.2 months, while Swedish consumers replace their devices after 24.9 months. French and German mobile users make new phone purchases around 26.5 and 26.7 months, respectively. Across Europe, the average replacement cycle falls at the 25.1 month mark.