256 mln wireless VOIP users by 2009

Wireless VoIP implementation is beginning to occur in the business market, according to In-Stat. In a recent survey of more than 300 mid-size businesses and large-enterprises, 23% of decision-maker respondents said that they had already deployed wireless VoIP, in some manner, and another 30% said that they were planning or evaluating the implementation of the technology within the next six to twelve months.

The greatest interest by survey respondents was in having the ability to make phone calls from a laptop computer, in allowing employees to make phone calls from a PDA, and in unified messaging, which allows (among other things) users to access e-mail messages from their voice mail boxes. The number of cellular/WLAN subscribers will reach over 256 million worldwide by 2009, or roughly 12% of all cellular subscribers. By 2009, the numbers of subscribers using WLAN for voice is expected to exceed those using WLAN for data only. Overall, about 60% of decision-maker respondents believed that it would be beneficial to have a solution that integrates the WWAN with the WLAN.