25% of companies offering e-mail newsletters fail to offer any incentive

SilverPop surveyed companies, who communicate with their customers via e-mail. 75% of companies studied don’t use customers’ names in e-mails responding to requests. 25% failed to offer any reason to sign up to receive e-mails from the company; of those that did, 45% offered notices of sales and promotions, 14% offered news and 11% offered catalogs. 23% failed to include e-mail registration requests on their home pages. 78% offered only one choice of communication, such as notices of sales, newsletters or information bulletins. 37% asked customers only for an e-mail address when they registered to receive information; 24% required a more extensive profile that included phone numbers and demographic information. 57% didn’t send confirmation e-mails following registration; 24% of those that did failed to include the company or brand name in the “subject” field of the e-mail.