25% of broadband Americans visit foreign news sites

Among all internet users, 22% report going to foreign or non-traditional news sites at least once, and 25% of broadband users say this. 12% of online users have been to an international news site such as al Jazeera or the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC); 15% of home broadband users say this. 9% of all internet users have been to news blogs, with 12% of broadband users saying they’ve been to news blogs. 6% of all internet users have been to websites such as Newsmax.com or Alternet.com; 7% of home broadband users say this. 5% of all users (and the same share of broadband users) have gotten news from listservs. The non-traditional news sites seem to loom largest for high-powered broadband users. Fully 38% have at one time been to at least one of the four non-traditional news sites included in the survey, on the typical day, 18% of high-powered broadband users get news from at least one such site, Pew Internet & American Life Project found.