24.6 mln broadband subscribers in the US

Leichtman Research Group, Inc. (LRG) found that, as of the end of 2003, the leading US cable and DSL providers accumulated over 24.6 million high-speed Internet subscribers. The year also saw record growth for broadband as the twenty largest cable and DSL providers in the US ? representing about 98% of the market ? added a combined 7.4 million high-speed Internet subscribers in 2003. The top cable companies netted 60% of the broadband additions in 2003, with cable adding about 4.5 million broadband Internet subscribers compared to close to 3 million added by the major DSL providers over the same time period. The top cable broadband providers now have a 63% share of the overall market versus DSL and account for over 15.5 million high-speed Internet subscribers compared to 9.1 million for DSL. Q4 2003 was the best quarter ever for DSL providers, with DSL adding nearly 870,000 net additional subscribers, capturing 45% of the net high-speed Internet additions for the quarter compared to 55% for cable