24.3 mln Americans under 45 years old have a college degree

According to The Media Audit, there are 24.3 mln adults under the age of 45 with a college degree: 12.3 mln are women and 11.9 mln are men. There are 17 mln African-American adults in the 87 metropolitan markets surveyed. Of that number, 22.5% or 3.8 mln are college graduates and 59.6% or 2.3 mln are women. African-American women outnumber men in these markets; 9.6 mln to 7.5 mln and a significantly larger%age of the women are college educated 23.9% to 20.7% for men. Of all African-Americans with a college degree, 59.6% are women and 40.4% are men.