24% of Internet users watch videos at least once a week

24% of Internet users access video at least once a week, while 46% watch video at least once a month. News leads the way in frequency of viewing, with 27% of online video viewers watching at least once a week, followed closely by funny videos (26% watch at least once a week). Online video viewing is very common at home (39% of those with home Internet access watch at least once a week) compared to 19% of those who watch at least once a week at work, according to Online Publishers Association.

When it comes to finding the videos they watch, Internet users often rely on a handful of specific sites. Half of all video viewers go to a specific Web site to find video, and 58% say they rely on two to five sites. Another popular way to find video is through random surfing, which is done by 48% of video viewers. Online video advertising is being viewed regularly and leads to specific actions. 66% of video viewers have watched online video ads, and 44% of those have taken action on what they’ve seen. Visiting a Web site ranks highest at 31%, while 8% are actually driven to make a purchase. Video ad watchers generally prefer short ads, however 39% said they would watch ads lasting longer than 30 seconds.