24% of companies implement service-oriented architectures

24% of respondents to Evans Data survey are saying they currently implement SOA, an 85% increase from in 2005. Web Services are now also experiencing more comprehensive implementation. 30% of respondents will be using 20+ services in the in 2007, a 58% increase from today. 25% of respondents are saying the leading problem in implementation of web services are changing or lack of industry standards, a 67% increase from in 2005. Web services are often down anywhere from an hour to a day. Almost 50% of respondents are saying that when their most reliable Web services go down, they usually stay down for an hour or more. Of the worst performing web services, 47% are down for over six hours. Authentication of online identities is the greatest security challenge to Web Services. 25% of respondents is saying that inability to confirm the identities of online users is the biggest problem.