24 mln Americans to pay for TV on mobile screens by 2010

IDC expects about 24 mln US cellular subscribers and customers will be paying for some form of TV/video content and services on their mobile devices by 2010, up from about 7 mln 2005. This growth presents new revenue opportunities for carriers, handset developers, and content providers. IDC expects mobile commercial video and television content and services to emerge as a key component of US carrier data services if delivered and priced appropriately. Blended cellular TV video/TV content and service ARPU is expected to settle in at about $6.50. This metric is comprised of three elements: a la carte content purchases, narrowband (i.e. “2.5G”) subscriptions, and broadband (i.e. “3G”) subscriptions. Within this mix, broadband video/TV services should grow from less than half of all revenues 2004 to about 85% of the total in 2010, with a substantially above average ARPU.