23% of US households spend $10-25 a month on music

US consumers are experimenting with new audio technologies, from online music services to terrestrial and satellite digital radio and multichannel audio formats, but they still rely on CDs and FM radio as primary sources of music. A growing percentage report already owning new audio technologies, or are planning to make a purchase in the next year. According to IDC, nearly 70% of the US households surveyed report spending money on recorded music each month with 23% spending between $10-$24.99 per month on average. 53% reported owning portable CD players, compared to 6% who own portable jukebox MP3 players like the Apple iPod Mini. Nearly 6% reported owning a satellite radio receiver, and 12% indicated a high likelihood of purchasing one in the coming year. 4% of respondents reported using a pay-per-download online music service.