23% of heavy gamers are very familiar with in-game ads

Game sites reach almost 50% of the Internet universe, representing 76.9 mln consumers in April 2006, up from 71.6 mln in April 2005. comScore found that 25% of Gamers are Heavy Gamers, playing 16 or more hours per week across any gaming platform, or playing 11 hours or more per week and playing on two or more platforms. Light/Medium Gamers (those that play less than 16 hours per week on one platform) represent 75% of gamers. Approximately 17% of gamers are in the hard-to-reach age group of 18-24 years old, while another 23% are in the advertising sweet-spot age segment aged 35 to 44 years old. 20% have an annual income over $75,000 per year, and the typical gamer has been gaming for about 9 years, has been online for about 8 years. Gamers are equally split along gender lines.

Familiarity with in-game ads

Familiarity  Heavy gamers Light or
medium Gamers
Very Familiar 23% 11%
Somewhat Familiar 31% 22%
Vaguely Familiar 24% 37%
Never Heard Of 23% 30%
Source: comScore

Gamers are also avid Web users, spending more than twice as many hours online per month versus the norm (53 hours per month versus 24 hours for the average Internet user). Additionally, heavy gamers go online more frequently during the month, averaging 24 days compared to the average Internet user who typically goes online 17 days per month. More than 50% of heavy gamers and one-third of Light/Medium Gamers are at least somewhat familiar with the concept of in-game advertising i.e. the contextual placement of brands or products within games.