2.3 bln wireless subscribers by 2009

Worldwide, wireless subscriber growth is experiencing robust expansion after several years of slower growth due to the economic downturn of the last few years, reports In-Stat. By 2009, the research firm forecasts the worldwide wireless market will grow to more than 2.3 bln subscribers. There will be no relief from the ongoing battles for airlink supremacy over the next several years. By 2009, WCDMA networks will be providing service for over 40% of the world’s CDMA users. The total number of new subscribers in 2004-2009 is expected to be 777.7 mln worldwide. While China continues to lead the world in overall subscriber growth, the%age growth leaders continue to be found in other parts of Asia, particularly the Southern Asia region that includes India. Nearly two-thirds of all new wireless users will be Asia. European subscriber growth will continue to slow, and will stall in Scandinavia and Western Europe. Japan’s rapid transition to 3G accounts for a great deal of the WCDMA growth in the short term.