225 mln TFT-LCD panels will be sold in 2006

While the notebook TFT-LCD panel demand and supply ratio is expected to stay in balance through the end of 2006, potential oversupply for LCD monitor panels exists in 2006, IDC reveals. In addition, although demand is expected to explode for LCD TV panels, the currently balanced sufficiency ratio will quickly turn to oversupply in the first half of 2006 due to seasonal factors. Slower-than-expected LCD capacity buildup has precluded the potential oversupply in the second half of 2005. Worldwide OEM demand for TFT-LCD panels will exceed 225 mln units in 2006. LCD monitors will account for over 50% of LCD panel demand by the end of 2006. LCD notebooks and monitors will enjoy relatively stable pricing, while large-sized TV panel may suffer serious price erosion.