21.8 mln graphics boards shipped in Q3 2006

Jon Peddie Research estimates that approximately 21.8 mln PC graphics boards shipped from major suppliers in Q3 2006, a 10.6% increase in units from Q2 2006 and a 7.7% increase over the same period the previous year. The desktop AIB graphics segment market value however continued its decline to $4.97 bln, the third consecutive Qly decline in market value after hitting a high of $5.88 in Q1 2006, and a decrease of 12.2% from Q3 2005. Nvidia-based boards gained in unit market share to 59% of the AIB market, and to 56% of market value. Aside from the two leaders, ATI/AMD and Nvidia, other GPU suppliers accounted for just $29.4 million or 0.6%.