21% of young Internet users read blogs regularly

21% of online youths read and visit others’ blogs regularly compared with 10% of adults. Among all blog readers, 53% of youths read blogs weekly or more often, almost twice the percentage of adults. Adults are more likely to dabble in blogging, with 72% reading blogs less than once a week. RSS use is considerably lower than blog readership and suffers from low general awareness: 74% of youths and 78% of adults have never heard of RSS, with just 8% of youths and adults using it, Forrester Research said. Among users, 45% of adults check their RSS feeds at least daily compared with just 35% of youths. Adult social computing users skew younger and more male, but among youths 13-17, females are much more likely to be interested in blogs: Though girls make up just 39% of the online youth population, they are 50% of regular blog readers and 60% of blog publishers.