21 mln US households had DVRs in 2006

Adoption of digital video recorders (DVRs), which were in only 21 mln US households at the end of in 2006, will more than triple to be in more than 69 mln households by 2012. Home networks, in use by nearly 21 mln households in 2006, will be in more than 58 mln households by 2012. Big price drops drove HDTVs into an additional 7.3 mln households in the past year, and by the end of in 2007, more than 36 mln households will have an HDTV, eventually growing to more than 69 mln households in 2012. Adoption of camera phones will continue its torrid pace, jumping from 41.6 mln households at the end of 2006 to nearly 97 mln households in 2012. Despite the introduction of a new generation of video game consoles, growth in consoles will remain flat, inching up just 14% over the next five years. Growth of MP3 players will slow as more consumers choose to access their music via mobile phones. The number of households with standalone MP3 devices will go from just over 40 mln at the end of in 2007 to 48.4 mln in 2012, Forrester Research says.