2005 search growth only 11%

Americans conducted 5.48 bln searches online in January 2006, up 11% from January 2005. While this growth is still strong, it reflects a substantial slowdown from the 42% surge seen in January 2005 versus January 2004. Google Sites once again led the group with 2.3 bln searches followed by Yahoo! Sites (1.6 bln searches), MSN-Microsoft Sites (752.5 mln searches), Time Warner (432.6 mln searches), and Ask Jeeves (307.3 mln searches). Google Sites won top honors in share of toolbar search, capturing 49.5% of all tool bar searches, while Yahoo! Sites secured 45.5%. In December 2005, 57.2% of search query results included a sponsored advertisement, up from 49.1% in December 2004. Additionally, the international search market continues to be strong, with a growth rate of 34%, comScore Networks reports.

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