20% of US households watch online TV

Online TV viewing has been gaining in popularity. 20% of American households who use the internet watch television broadcasts online, double the viewership from 2006, The Conference Board reports. The top two destinations for online broadcasts are the official TV channel homepage and YouTube.com.

Being able to watch broadcasts on their own time and at their convenience are the top reasons users tune in online. Other reasons include avoiding commercials and portability. Nearly 72% of online households log on for entertainment purposes on a daily basis, and one in ten cites entertainment as the most important internet activity. The top five types of shows viewed online are news, drama, sitcom/comedy, reality shows and sports, with user generated content following close behind. Among consumers connecting to online broadcasts, 43% tune into the news, 39% watch drama shows, 34% view sitcom/comedy shows, 23% watch reality shows, 16% view sports, and 15% view user generated content.